Redflow Board Commends Successful Commissioning of New Zinc-Bromine Flow Battery Factory in Thailand

28 Mar 2018

The board of Australian battery company Redflow Limited has commended the successful commissioning of the company’s new factory in Thailand after visiting the facility in March.

Redflow stack line at new Thai factory

During the two-day inspection, Redflow directors saw factory staff fully assemble two ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries which are now undergoing post-production acceptance testing.

Redflow Chairman Brett Johnson said the board had been pleased by progress at the factory. “We are impressed by the commitment of the on-site team to producing high-quality components,” he said.

Redflow press

“While we were there, we saw the first two complete ‘made in Thailand’ batteries come off of the line. These are now undergoing quality and performance testing.

“The current production of battery stacks and this preliminary demonstration of full battery assembly means that we remain on track to commence production of complete batteries in Thailand by June.

Redflow sprayline

“In the meantime, we will continue to assemble ZBM2 batteries in Brisbane using Thai-made battery stacks to satisfy customer backorders.”

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