Seven EnerDel ESS Battery Packs are Successfully Installed at Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District

28 Mar 2018

EnerDel, a leading supplier of advanced lithium-ion batteries, announced that it has successfully delivered and installed seven units of their PP320-738-LP Vigor+ Allison approved ESS at Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District. There are now more than a dozen municipalities throughout North America that have begun adding EnerDel products to their transit hybrid buses. “We are pleased with the results of this project and look forward to an extended life on our hybrid fleet,” said Jerry Estrada, General Manager of Santa Barbara MTD.

EnerDel’s Vigor+ packs continue to play a major role in fueling the company’s resurgence as a major U.S. manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion battery systems. “EnerDel’s commitment to the transit market is being rewarded with the sustained growth of the PP320-738-LP as new municipalities continue their uptake of this product,” said Michael Canada, CEO of EnerDel. Currently, EnerDel has nearly 1,000 PP320-738-LP Vigor+ ESS’s on the road today, equating to approximately 25 million miles driven.

The PP320-738-LP Vigor+ pack is approved for use with the Allison Hybrid H 40/50 EP™ system installed in diesel-hybrid buses globally and is currently operating in buses throughout the United States and Canada in over a dozen municipalities.

At 21 kilowatt/hours, the PP320-738-LP Vigor+ pack offers over three times as much energy and three times the life as the original OEM equipment while maintaining the same packaging space. The Vigor+ pack offers robust transportation-grade packaging and built-in system control redundancies to ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety. It is designed to allow for easy-access to

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