Diamond-coated insert grades offer high-performance aluminum drilling

19 Mar 2018

Sandvik Coromant has unveiled its CoroDrill 880 CVD diamond-coated insert grades, GCN124 and GCN134. The super-hard properties of the diamond coating provide long tool life and combine with innovative chip breaker and geometry designs to guarantee high performance when drilling materials such as aluminum. GCN124 and GCN134 diamond-coated insert grades are designed to offer a low cost per hole in most ISO N materials thanks to long lasting insert tool life. Increased productivity could be gained from elevated cutting data and less machine downtime from fewer insert changes. Further advantages include easy handling in production due to the reliability and long life of the inserts as well as enhanced surface finish inside the hole, which results from the ability to resist BUE and smearing effects. Reduced insert consumption also helps lower stock levels and environmental impact. GCN124 and GCN134 complement the existing H13A, uncoated insert from Sandvik Coromant, which is recommended in applications involving shorter production runs and/or difficult interrupted cuts. The standard CoroDrill 880 range features indexable insert drills from 12 to 84mm (0.472–3.307") in diameter, with drill lengths of 2, 3, 4, and 5 × D. Sandvik Coromant’s Tailor Made offer allows intermediate diameter and length combinations as well as different connection types and sizes such as HSK, Coromant Capto, or cylindrical shank. Another Tailor Made option includes customized step and chamfer drill designs for specific components. 

Sandvik Coromant | http://www.sandvik.coromant.com

Volume: 2018 March/April