High yields and increased performance

19 Mar 2018

Senvion launched its new products, the 3.7M144 EBC and 3.6M118 NES turbines, which are especially well suited for low and high wind sites respectively and feature the Senvion Next Electrical System (NES) to meet the grid requirements in all Senvion target markets. The 3.6M118 features an optimized rotor design for very high yields and is mounted on a steel tower with a standard hub height of 91 meters, with project specific hub heights also available. The 3.7M144 is designed to be one of the quietest systems in its class with its strengths at low wind speeds due to aerodynamically optimized blades and serrations at the blade edges. With a nominal output of 3,700 kilowatts and a larger rotor, the new turbine leads to a yearly energy yield 6.7% higher than its sister models. The Next Electrical System (NES) features a gearbox-based concept with an asynchronous generator and a fully rated converter that permits stable grid feed-in and meets the grid requirements in Senvion’s markets.

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Volume: 2018 March/April