Seal failure guide book

19 Mar 2018

System Seals Inc., a research-based seal manufacturer focused on hydraulic cylinder optimization, has released the second edition of its Seal Failure Analysis Guide – a 30-page trouble-shooting manual for common seal failure modes. The book is free to the public upon request. Over the past two years, System Seals has been overwhelmed by requests for the popular guidebook, which has become a shop staple in many of its customers’ facilities. This year, System Seals updated the guide with more photos, charts, graphs, and research from the System Seals’ lab. This expanded edition now includes more than 100 images illustrating real-life examples of seal problems and potential failure modes. The guide also details System Seals’ new Cylinder Optimization Process – a new modeling tool which predicts and prevents seal failure before it occurs. 

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Volume: 2018 March/April