Low cost rotary drive

19 Mar 2018

Festo’s rotary drive ERMO is a low-cost, high performance axis for rotating and aligning parts and work pieces or for swiveling tasks, even for heavy loads. It’s also suitable for simple rotary indexing table applications often past of assembly processes. Its rugged design gives it a long service life of more than five million cycles. The ERMO drive is part of Festo’s Optimized Motion Series (OMS) of cost effective electrical axes. A complete OMS package for ERMO is comprised of the electromechanical actuator with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) and matching connecting cables for an integrated web browser technology for fast and easy configuration. The package can be ordered with one order code and everything comes preassembled in one box, ready for fast installation and commissioning. The ERMO actuator itself is comprised of an integrated electric rotary drive with stepper motor boasting a robust rotating plate bearing, with backlash-fee ball bearings. It has excellent axial and radial run-out properties and is specially designed for absorbing high lateral forces and torques. Smooth surfaces – the Festo CleanLook – make it less susceptible to contamination. ERMO is available in four sizes. Closed loop operation with an encoder is available as an option. Festo also offers mounting interfaces to connect ERMO to other drives, like slides and gantries. 

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Volume: 2018 March/April