Expanded guide describing custom components, engineering process 

19 Mar 2018

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. has published an expanded guide describing the form and function of its custom-engineered seals, springs, and electrical contacts, as well as the benefits of its engineering process. The 12-page guide, titled Sealing, Connecting, Conducting, and EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions, uses photorealistic application images and descriptive insets to give readers a detailed look at where and how Bal Seal spring-energized seals, Bal Spring canted coil springs, and Bal Contact electrical contacts work in aerospace and defense, analytical, automotive, energy, and medical equipment. A graph in the guide’s spring technology section compares the deflection of canted coil springs with other seal energizer types, including V-springs, ribbon springs, and o-rings. The guide also provides information about the company’s collaborative engineering approach, which forges partnerships with OEMs and tier suppliers who want to make their products faster, stronger, lighter, or more functional.

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. | http://www.balseal.com


Volume: 2018 March/April