SolarWorld Solar Panels Will Power California Governor Brown’s Off-Grid Ranch

06 Mar 2018

SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, announced that the company has supplied 14.2 kilowatts of SolarWorld Americas solar panels for the off-grid house that California Governor Jerry Brown is building northwest of Sacramento.

West Coast Sustainables, a SolarWorld authorized installer, has installed the solar-based power system at a rural location miles from the closest grid power. Aside from solar panels and inverters, the system includes charge controllers, lithium-ion batteries and a backup generator.

Jason Andrade, owner of West Coast Sustainables, said virtually all system components were made in America. The solar panels were made at SolarWorld Americas’ headquarters campus in Oregon.

“I tried to buy exclusively products made in the United States,” Andrade said. “I also chose best-in-class components. SolarWorld solar panels have the demonstrated track record to offer the reliability and endurance that such a system requires. Living 100 percent off-grid, the Browns should be able to count on this system for a very long time.”

The pole-mount arrays, which can act as shade structures for outdoor gatherings, will power the property’s main house, guest house and two barns. Andrade said the property was purchased by Brown’s great grandfather in 1878 and served for many years as a prominent stagecoach stop and hotel. It will soon be the residence of the governor and his wife, Anne.

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