Bachmann Electronic at Energy Storage Europe: Automation Solutions for Large-Scale Storage Systems

05 Mar 2018

Automation experts Bachmann Electronic are presenting their GMP 232/x grid measurement module at the Energy Storage trade fair in Dusseldorf.

Since January it once again has all the relevant component certificates covering the latest function status. With this module, industrial enterprises and energy suppliers who operate large-scale batteries and virtual power plants can monitor their grids. Thanks to the component certificates there is no need for time-consuming tests, which saves costs and can speed up commissioning by several days.

Experience from 100,000 wind turbines 

Bachmann Electronic offers the module in combination with the M1 control system, with which the company has already provided automation for 100,000 wind turbines. “100,000 wind turbines don’t lie. Now we want to intensify our activities on the international storage market. We are sure that here too we can win over the market with our high quality products and our many years of experience”, says Michael Backhaus, head of the Renewable Energy Division at Bachmann Electronic. 

System solution for storage systems starting at 100 kilowatts

The system solution is an integrated unit consisting of turbine controller and grid measurement/protectio and suitable for storage units starting at around 100 kilowatts. Besides manufacturers, the target groups include energy providers wanting to set up renewable energy power supply in off-grid regions, and industrial enterprises that assure grid stability using stationary storage systems or that wish to participate in the control energy market. The frequency measurement detects changes on a tenth of a millihertz with an absolute accuracy of one millihertz, guaranteeing extremely high dynamics and precision.

Consistently modular in design

The main characteristics of the M1 control system are grid measurement and protection technology for your safety features, such as data encryption and access rights management, as well as open communication. Whether Modbus, CAN or Profinet in the local generator or storage grid, or IEC 60870, IEC 61850 or dnp3 for communication with the control centre or grid operator: because you can freely choose all protocols even subsequently without having to change the management procedures, later integration of external devices is possible without any problem. 

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