Atlantic's Wind Farms are Standouts in Terms of Capacity Factor

01 Mar 2018

Three wind farms owned by Atlantic Energias Renováveis are among the 10 largest in Brazil in terms of capacity factor. The data are from the 2017 Wind Farm Ranking developed by ePowerBay, a platform that analyzes renewable energy projects. The study was prepared based on data released by the CCEE (Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica – [Electricity Marketing Chamber]). 

Capacity factor is the usage level of wind turbines to produce energy from the force of wind, indicating the efficiency of the undertakings. The three highlighted wind farms (Ventos de Guarás I, Ventos da Andorinha and Ventos de Campo Formoso II) are located in the Morrinhos Wind Farm Complex in Bahia. 

While Brazil has a capacity factor of around 40% – higher than the global average – Atlantic's three wind farms exceeded 60% over the last 12 months, driving production in the Northeast and contributing to the region being a reference in wind-driven energy.

The CEO of Atlantic, José Roberto de Moraes, emphasizes the importance of making large investments in order to attain results: "With state-of-the-art technology and qualified professionals, we are enhancing our productivity," he said. The company participates actively in energy development in Brazil.

The Morrinhos Wind Farm Complex

Fully operational since 2015, the undertaking has six wind farms, 90 wind turbines, and total installed capacity of 180 MW, which is sufficient to supply 500,000 homes.

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