CleanChoice Energy Surpasses 2 Billion Kilowatt Hours Served

28 Feb 2018

CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company providing 100% clean electricity to customers across the country, announced it has surpassed 2 billion kilowatt hours served to its customers. The milestone highlights the company’s rapid growth since its customer-facing launch in 2013 to become one of the largest direct-to-consumer renewable retail energy providers in the United States. CleanChoice’s customers avoided more than 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions—the equivalent of not burning more than 1.6 billion pounds of coal. 

“We’re incredibly proud that so many people are choosing CleanChoice. For our climate and our families there couldn’t be a more important time to make the switch to clean energy. Together our customers are making a huge difference to reduce air and water pollution and support clean energy,” said Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “Americans all across the country want clean energy, and our growth shows that when you provide that clean energy simply, easily and affordably people will make the clean choice.” 

CleanChoice Energy offers only 100 percent renewable energy products to American homes and businesses. The company has made it easy for people to choose clean energy as-a-service instead of as a home construction project. CleanChoice has recently been named by both Inc. Magazine and Deloitte  as one of the country’s fastest growing companies. 

CleanChoice has made social responsibility a core value and has provided over $1.5 million in support to more than 50 nonprofit environmental and social impact organizations. CleanChoice Energy’s giving has powered it to the highest level of B Corp certification, with a company score 50 percent higher than the required score for B Corp certified companies. 

Residents and businesses interested in making the switch to clean energy can contact CleanChoice Energy online or at 1-800-218-0113. 

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