Data Pinpoints the Top 3 Characteristics of Successful U.S. Residential Solar Installers

14 Feb 2018, the leading destination for customer reviews in the solar industry, has analyzed consumer data from more than 3,500 solar installations and has identified the top 3 characteristics that define the most successful residential solar installers as expressed by the customers themselves. found the most successful residential solar installers, based on information provided to the site by consumers themselves, are either family or privately owned, limited in geographic scope (are not national companies) and aren’t larger than 100 employees.

In contrast, the three companies with the worst consumer-provided ratings—all of which are national installers—are publicly held, large companies with national (and sometimes international) footprints.

“Our data reinforces that in general, consumers prefer companies with deep roots in their communities, owned by people they know and see around town,” said Andrew Sendy, CEO of “Companies like these receive the highest rankings in customer satisfaction and are often praised for their laser-like focus on customer service—and that makes sense. Once companies reach a certain size, it’s harder to maintain a personalized customer-service experience.”

The data also reveals that the average review score for all 2,800 installers reviewed on the site in 2017 is 4.63 out of 5 stars, indicating solar electricity still maintains a high standing among solar consumers. features a Top Rated Solar Installers list where customers can directly check the reviews of their prospective contractors. The site is a comprehensive solar information service providing prospective and current solar customers a wide variety of resources including, industry news, actual solar customer reviews, cost calculators by state/region, access to payback calculators and a vast array of content and advice written specifically to help solar customers.

“Our number one goal is to help visitors to our site gather the information they need to make better decisions about solar—from the type of services a contractor offers including customer service, to installation, equipment, maintenance performance, and whether they performed services on time and as expected, and much more,” continued Sendy.

In 2017, partnered with NABCEP, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, to integrate NABCEP certifications and credentials into the expansive website and to provide a solar consumer’s guide on the NABCEP website. |