Ballard Subsidiary Protonex Lands Initial $1.6M Power Manager Order Following Milestone C

30 Jan 2018

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ:  BLDP; TSX: BLDP) announced that the Company's subsidiary, Protonex, has received a $1.6 million purchase order for the supply of Squad Power Manager (SPM-622) Special Operations Kits for end customer U.S. Special Operations Command. The purchase order was the first issued by the Program Executive Office (PEO) – Soldier, as part of the newly approved program of record, with Milestone C approval having been received in 2017.

"This order represents a continued commitment to support U.S. Special Operations Forces' growing requirement within the United States Army for intelligent power management systems," said Ray Summers, Protonex Director of Military Sales. "This requirement is important for Protonex as it will support not only Special Operations Forces, but also the Security Forces and Assistance Brigades, or SFAB's, newly established by the U.S. Army. The SFAB units support partner training in combat theatres. We believe this first order since obtaining Milestone C represents a significant opportunity, serving to streamline ordering for U.S. Army units moving forward." 

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is a tough and agile power management device, weighing less than a pound and enabling military units to optimize power use for various power electronics devices – including portable radios, GPS systems, medical devices, Explosive Ordinance Devices equipment, computers and other electronic equipment – from an available battery, as well as to recharge that battery from solar, vehicle, AC or scavenged energy sources. 

The Squad Power Manager delivers high-priority benefits in military applications, including: reliable energy for various devices carried by soldiers, regardless of changing battlefield conditions; lightened load for soldiers in the field; reduction in logistical support requirements, including batteries; and energy flexibility for soldiers. 

The SPM-622 product has been developed and is produced for military use by the Protonex engineering and operations team at the company's facility in Southborough, Massachusetts. To date more than 5,000 units have been deployed by the United States and NATO Partner Nations.   

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