ADS-TEC at Energy Storage Europe: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Home Use, Industry and Infrastructure as well as for E-Mobility on the Basis of High-Performance Battery Storage System

25 Jan 2018

From 13th to 15th March 2018, ADS-TEC will be presenting its extensive range of StoraXe® products for home use, industry and infrastructure in Düsseldorf in building 8b at booth 8bD22. As revolutionary, storage-based fast-charging technology for electromobility, the Nürtingen-based company will in addition also be showing the new "HPC Booster" and "HPC Dispenser" development. At the Energy Storage Europe ADS-TEC will be actively in-volved as a gold sponsor. At the conference event, Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC and president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), will be taking part in the panel discussion "Energy Storage or Grid Extension – The Appropriate Question?" held on 13th March. 

ADS-TEC has long focused on the topics of grid stability using stationary storage solutions and the huge amount of power that will in future be required for electromobility. A forward-looking in-frastructure needs a dynamic and extensive method of providing power for fast-charging sta-tions. However, sufficient power capacities are not always available on the distribution grid. 

HPC Booster, HPC Dispenser and PowerBooster 

At this year's Energy Storage trade show, the company will be presenting a new world-leading rapid-charging technology: the extremely compact storage system HPC Booster (HPC = high-performance charging), which effectively makes the existing distribution grid usable without the need for costly network expansion, together with the separate HPC Dispenser fast-charging sta-tion. The system can be integrated easily anywhere in the limited-power distribution grid and, with its high-quality design, is also able to fulfil representative purposes. Both are new develop-ments in cooperation with the Porsche Engineering Group. The first systems have already been installed. 

The outdoor battery system PowerBooster in its compact minicontainer offers a further solution. This system delivers high power capacities at fast-charging stations while being recharged at low power at the available network connection point. This not only saves valuable time, but also eliminates the need for elaborate medium-voltage systems, building cost subsidies or expensive network expansion. 

At the same time, the PowerBooster can be set up as a grid service station almost anywhere outdoors and connected to the 400 volt distribution grid. Many useful network functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. These functions are particularly relevant for distribution grids which are subject to temporary overloading due to renewable supply or simultaneous pow-er requests from a large number of electric vehicles. Via the cloud-based IoT service platform Big-LinX (also developed by ADS-TEC), all distributed StoraXe storage systems can be moni-tored, safely coupled and integrated into superordinate management systems and virtual power plants of customers and partners. 

Flexibly use home storage 

The StoraXe "Home & Small Business" product portfolio for private houses, multi-family dwellings as well as workshops, businesses and public facilities will be presented at the trade fair with the currently smallest 6 kWh or 9 kWh storage system as well as 19 and 28 kWh systems. 

Owing to the particularly high energy density with an exceptionally high number of cycles and the constantly high performance, utilisation concepts that are more far-reaching than the simple op-timisation of personal consumption are possible, e.g. the support of e-mobility, global networking in swarm solutions through to the central connection to wide-ranging cloud services via Big-LinX. 

Storage solutions for industry and infrastructure 

Focus is also on the StoraXe "Industrial & Infrastructure" industrial storage solutions, which are used above all for peak-load capping, load management, emergency power applications and in combination with large PV systems or as complex hybrid power plants. The systems cover band-widths between 50 kW/kWh and several MW/MWh. These systems will in part also be on view at the booth. For large-scale applications, ADS-TEC supplies customer-specific solutions, e.g. in container format. The modular design and the comprehensive IT management system facilitate nearly limitless scaling possibilities. High-quality battery cells from the industrial sector allow max-imum power and minimum capacity losses throughout the operational life of the systems. 

The in part complex and globally distributed systems can be integrated and managed online via ADS-TEC's Big-LinX IoT service platform. Big-LinX Energy includes various energy management tools. These tools provide support even during the planning phase, enable monitoring, remote maintenance or data analysis during operation and offer numerous possibilities for future busi-ness models and integrations. 

Dr. Jens Kistner, head of product and project management for energy storage applications at ADS-TEC, will also be holding a lecture regarding the PowerBooster in session 8 "Ener-gy Storage Solutions – Best Practice Examples".