Circontrol’s Technology in the First Electric Route in Latin America

23 Jan 2018

Since the end of 2017, Uruguay has a route with charging stations every 60km and a total length of 300km covered by six AC charging posts designed and manufactured by Circontrol. This itinerary links Colonia and Punta Este, two touristic cities with a big affluence of visitors every year. Although the Uruguayan coastline has been a priority for now, the route is expected to connect with Chuy, in Uruguay’s interior, and embrace the whole country in a second implementation phase. In fact, this project is just a small part of a full plan that aims to introduce eMobility in Uruguay. In this first stage six Circontrol’s AC chargers have been installed; 4 of 22 kW and 2 of 43 kW of power.

This kind of infrastructure is really important to face one of the most important challenges for electric vehicle introduction: range anxiety. It is not the first time that Circontrol participates in a project like this, in fact, in 2015, 11 fast chargers were installed between the cities of Perth and Augusta, completing the first electric highway in Australia, a country of long distances where ensuring electric car’s autonomy is a must.

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