CleanSpark Receives Cryptocurrency Mining Power Engineering Design Contract

11 Jan 2018

CleanSpark, Inc. (OTC: CLSK), a microgrid company with advanced engineering, software and controls for innovative distributed energy resource management systems, announced that it has been officially contracted to design a turn-key, fully engineered 'off-grid' solution for a cryptocurrency mining operator.

The contracted project will serve to provide specifications, optimization, and permit ready design for a modular DC-Centric microgrid.  Power is anticipated to be generated by, stored within, and fed to an optimized DC driven load bus.  The CleanSpark design will be optimized to feed both DC and AC loads and ensure maximum efficiency from solar generation technology paired with energy storage.  By utilizing a DC-Centric design, the efficiency and temperature control of the system can easily be maximized.  Energy is the single largest operational expense for cryptocurrency mining operations. Through increasing efficiency and leveraging on-site power generation with energy storage, energy expenses can be dramatically reduced.

The containerized solution, along with CleanSpark's mPulse controller will allow a wide-variety of applications, from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining, to a fully 'off-grid' agricultural grow facility power source, to a power demand management solution as the end use-case drivers suggest. It is also designed for quick deployment, and removal, as required.  Finally, the configuration and automation of the system allow for virtually unmanned operation.

CleanSpark's Senior Electrical Engineer, Jeff Trueblood stated, "When the 'grid-in-a-box' design concept was suggested for remote military applications, we anticipated the commercial, industrial, and residential opportunities for a containerized solution would be substantial.  With the well-publicized energy demands of Cryptocurrency mining operations, our product seemed to be an intuitive solution.  A prior CleanSpark engineering service customer recognized the same and retained us to engineer a version of our 'best-in-class' solution for just that purpose."

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