Quick EV charger with modular technology

15 Jan 2018

Circontrol’s new DC quick charging station, Raption 50, includes modular technology, which allows bigger uptime and increases flexibility, without sacrificing a stylish and modern design. This third-generation quick charger increases its uptime and the availability for users thanks to its functioning modular power technology with four individual power packs delivering 12.5kW each. The Raption series also offers flexibility through scalable power, so if a local power network doesn’t support rapid charging or if a user only needs to draw 25kW of power, it may adjust the supply. Designed specially to be placed where vehicles need to be ready to continue their journey in less than half an hour, such as fuel stations, road-side rest areas, or airports, the new unit completes an 80% charge in 30 minutes with simultaneous charging for two EVs at 50kW DC and 43kW AC. The Raption 50 Series has a sophisticated and slim enclosure but is robust and ensures high durability. Another key attribute of the new Raption 50 is its usability. It includes a user friendly and fast 8" touchscreen daily readable with multiple language options, an inbuilt light for better visibility at night, and/or secure charging connector holsters that can only be unlocked from the charging station with a verified RFID card or with the backend authenticate protocol, reducing damage to the equipment through improper use or vandalism. In addition, the Raption 50 emits no audible high frequency noise and the height of connectors/display has been adapted for disabled. 


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Volume: 2018 January/February