Simple energy storage quoting tool for solar dealers

15 Jan 2018

JLM Energy’s Simple Quoting and Design tool, or SQUAD is a straightforward way for solar dealers to provide residential quotes on solar plus JLM’s MicroStorage product Phazr. Phazr pairs each solar panel with a battery pack for a streamlined approach to solar plus storage. SQUAD 1.0 brings time-of-use shifting solutions to California residents, where time-of-use pricing has recently changed in San Diego Gas & Electric Territory in a way that reduces the value of standalone solar. This means homeowners can save their solar power in batteries for hours later in the day when the utility is charging higher rates and people are generally using more electricity. SQUAD is designed to be used at the kitchen table with the homeowner. The sales person plugs in answers to customer lifestyle questions, enabling SQUAD to calculate the ideal combination of solar plus storage along with system pricing. SQUAD generates a sleek, one-page summary of system cost and savings as a leave behind at the conclusion of the in-home consultation. SQUAD uses JLM’s proprietary software Measurz to perform powerful calculations behind the simple user interface. Future versions will include demand shaving and self-supply algorithms.


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Volume: 2018 January/February