Volta Charging First U.S. Partner of Hubject’s Global Open EV Charging Network intercharge

09 Jan 2018

Hubject, Inc. and Volta Charging, announce Hubject’s first North-American partnership. Hubject, a business and software platform, operates intercharge, the world’s first and largest interoperable EV charging network and marketplace with more than 63,000 EV charging ports already accessible in Europe and Japan. Volta operates the largest and most utilized free public electric car charging network in the US, which will now be connected to the Hubject platform.

Seamless access to charging remains a major hurdle for EV drivers. Charging networks provide drivers with many different methods to search for, find, access and pay for charging their vehicles. Hubject’s open B2B platform streamlines the connection between electric mobility providers, EV charging network operators and EV manufacturers to enable transparent cross-operator, real-time exchange of information and dynamic geo-data. The cooperation between Volta and Hubject will make charging stations visible in navigation systems from over 60 e-mobility service providers worldwide, including major automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and the BMW Group. This will make the lives of EV drivers easier as they can plan, find and access their charging based on real-time, with in-car data.

"Drivers often tell us they choose our retail partners when they discover free Volta charging stations. Until now there has been no seamless way for drivers to make these discoveries and get real-time availability in-car. Hubject offers a solution to this, and we cannot wait to finally establish an open and connected network with many more partners to come," Volta CEO Scott Mercer comments.

California-based Volta has proven and fine-tuned an innovative approach to EV charging. Partnering with national brands who sponsor the free public EV charging amenity, Volta deploys and maintains networked chargers at prominent and convenient community venues. While charging is offered free to drivers, and site hosts benefit from hardware, installation and lifetime maintenance at no cost, sponsoring brands gain huge engagement and form deep connections with consumers more effectively than any other media alternative. The strategic siting of Volta community charging has established Volta as an incredibly effective catalyst for EV adoption. More than two thirds of non-EV drivers who see Volta’s charging amenities say they will consider a plug-in electric vehicle for their next car purchase.

Building on its impressive growth to-date, Volta is on track to nearly double the size of its network in 2018, launching in new cities around the country.

Since inception, Volta has delivered over 15.7 million electric miles, saved 345,000 gallons of gas, powered 1 million charging sessions across the U.S, and offset 6.8 million pounds of CO2. Volta’s current market includes Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix and Hawaii.

“Volta Charging has developed one of the most innovative business models in e-mobility to date and it is great to leverage this potential through the Global intercharge network. Volta’s approach is a perfect example of the interconnection between open e-mobility and value-added services. We are very proud to have them as our first partner in the US and look forward to a beneficial and successful cooperation for EV drivers across the US.” Paul Glenney, CEO of Hubject, Inc. adds.

The North American subsidiary of Berlin-based Hubject GmbH, Hubject, Inc., plans to continue to expand its partner network over the coming months.

Volta | http://www.voltacharging.com

Hubject | http://www.hubject.com