CollectiveSun and EnergySage Unlock Solar for Nonprofits

09 Jan 2018

CollectiveSun, the only company dedicated exclusively to helping nonprofits and tax exempt organizations fund solar projects, announced it has teamed up with EnergySage, the nation’s leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for solar. This collaboration creates a powerful new solution that allows all nonprofits and tax exempt entities to seamlessly navigate the solar purchasing and financing process.

The CollectiveSun-EnergySage partnership removes the hurdles that nonprofits and tax exempt organizations have historically faced in both financing their solar panel installations and in locating high quality, pre-screened solar installers. Now, any nonprofit or tax exempt organization, whose solar system is 50kW or larger, will all be able to take advantage of solar energy with ease.

The collaboration pairs the strengths of two leading innovators in the solar industry. CollectiveSun has revolutionized funding for nonprofits and tax exempt organizations by providing a Solar Power Agreement (SPA). This proprietary financing method allows the company to utilize solar tax benefits that would otherwise be lost. CollectiveSun passes the savings onto the nonprofit in the form of a 15 percent reduction in the cost of a new solar panel system. The company also offers assistance and a variety of methods to help provide the upfront capital for its Solar Power Agreement, including a proprietary CrowdLending campaign.

This innovative financing model will now be available to nonprofits and tax exempt organizations that register on EnergySage. Backed by the U.S. Department of Energy, EnergySage is the country’s largest online comparison-shopping marketplace for solar, and matches thousands of nonprofits with its network of over 500 vetted solar companies each year. As validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), EnergySage’s impartial information and competitive bidding platform helps solar shoppers make more informed decisions and save up to 20 percent on their solar installation costs.

“CollectiveSun is always looking for ways to deploy more solar,” said Todd Bluechel, VP of Marketing and Sales for CollectiveSun. “The CollectiveSun-EnergySage partnership was formed to help broaden and strengthen both companies’ ability to deploy more solar. Even though this partnership is a win-win for both, it’s particularly beneficial for the 1.5 million nonprofits nationwide who have been seeking ways to afford solar.”

“Installing solar panels is a great way for tax exempt organizations to reduce operating costs and simultaneously benefit the environment,” said Aaron James, VP of Network Partnerships at EnergySage. “Whether you run a school, food bank, church, or other mission-based organization, the EnergySage-CollectiveSun partnership offers a new way to make an even larger impact by switching to clean, renewable energy. We’re up and running and actively accepting new registrations.”

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