Fernhill Corporation Announces Lithium Hybrid Energy Storage System Patent Update

07 Dec 2017

Fernhill Corporation (OTC PINK: FERN) is pleased to report that patent application titled, CAPACITOR-LITHIUM HYBRID BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM, WITH SYSTEM MANAGEMENT has been filed and assigned U.S. Patent App. Serial No. 62/592,847

CEO Adam Kovacevic commented, "We are pleased with the current progress of our patent application and believe that there is significant underlying value in the future of advanced hybrid energy storage systems."

Hybrid battery storage systems can allow for greater flexibility to its users in system stability, capacity, and thermal safety. Combining proven technologies, with sophisticated balancing controls can allow for safe and stable power storage. Hybrid battery storage systems can be customized to address a significant array of applications that are difficult to address with one available technology alone. 

Kovacevic continues, "An advanced Hybrid battery system can offer accelerate charging speeds, as well as higher current availability for the most demanding applications. We believe that future development of this technology could prove to have a significant impact on numerous diverse industries. Advanced hybrid storage systems are ideal but not limited to, electric vehicles, heavy equipment, emergency and portable power as well as UPS (uninterruptable power supplies) which are critical for computer systems and telecommunication equipment." 

Fernhill's corporate objective is to develop and acquire new innovative technologies in the solar and battery management industries.

In addition, Fernhill Corporation plans to begin developing a defense fund for protection of our current and future patents. Management believes that the use of several financial tools will be required to fully finance this defense fund. Management will evaluate and use the best available method for protection of shareholder value and is receptive to using alternative methods for value protection and reducing corporate equity dilution to its shareholders.  Management will be meeting with corporate attorneys to determine the maximum amount of capital allowable for a defense fund. 

The corporation has also approved the hiring of an independent third party to determine a valuation for each of the technologies developed and acquired. We will be expecting a third party to provide management a numerical valuation determination, publish a white paper and provide management with relative research for commercial development into several mature and emerging industries. 

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