Sun Fund Announces the First Share Plus Coin Offering in Two-for-One Deal

06 Dec 2017

Sun Fund, a developer and owner of renewable energy assets, officially launched the first SEC registered offering that combines a preferred equity share paying an annual dividend with a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

For every share purchased, Sun Fund investors will also receive tokens of equal value.

The offering gives all investors the opportunity to earn high annual dividends backed by a portfolio of revenue generating solar projects as well as rights to the planned 2018 token generation event.  

"By tokenizing our existing pipeline of solar projects, Sun Fund will build out its model for a scalable global platform open to all investors, buyers and sellers," said Michael Licamele, CEO of Sun Fund.

As an ERC20 Ethereum smart contract, the Sun Fund token will bring liquidity and a store of value for renewable energy assets while also helping to build a decentralized renewable energy asset management system.

By working with the company's existing solar assets first, Sun Fund will build out its technology in 2018 before rolling out to the entire renewable energy market in 2019.  

The Sun Fund team has been developing and building renewable energy projects since 2013 and has a track record of success in solar development, finance and the operation of solar assets.  The team is contributing over 50 megawatts of solar projects to the Sun Fund development pipeline, valued at over $100 million.

Sun Fund intends for the token to be tradeable on SEC and FINRA-compliant Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) in 2018.

Sun Fund's offering is available to all U.S. investors, with a minimum investment of $100.

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