ScottMadden Energy Industry Update Explores the Increase in Interest in Pumped Hydroelectric Storage

05 Dec 2017

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, recently released its Fall Energy Industry Update. Themed “Generation to Generation: An Energy Evolution,” this report will give you bottom-line insights, distill recent events, and help you as you prepare to anticipate and respond to emerging trends, including pumped hydroelectric storage (PHS).

There is growing interest in utility-scale energy storage as the amount of variable energy resources on the grid increases. While much of the focus in energy storage is on lithium-ion batteries for short- to medium-duration energy storage, PHS accounts for more than 90% of installed energy storage capacity in the United States. And a number of new projects—and new PHS concepts—have been proposed. Indeed, some of the proposed PHS projects in the United States would have a capacity comparable to all currently installed U.S. utility-scale battery storage. Dive into the latest Update to learn more about this overlooked, but dominant (in terms of current installed base), technology for the utility-scale market.

“While not every region has the water resource for pumped storage, and it can be expensive to install, it does represent a mature and scalable technology at which the industry is taking a fresh look,” explained Greg Litra, partner and energy, clean tech, and sustainability research leader at ScottMadden.

“While batteries look to be the future of short- to medium-duration energy storage, we expect a diversity of storage technologies, including pumped storage, to gain attraction as technologies evolve and long-duration and capacity needs dictate,” added Kevin Hernandez, director and energy storage expert at ScottMadden.

If you were unable to join our Energy Industry Update webcast, the final recording is now available. Hear what our industry experts have to say about changes to, and potential solutions for, FERC-regulated wholesale markets, the future of utility solar, and grid investment in this new session.

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