GridEye from DEPsys Chosen by Swiss Power Grid Operator Romande Energie for Making the Grid More Intelligent

05 Dec 2017

The Swiss company DEPsys has developed an innovative smart grid solution since 2012, called GridEye. Now, GridEye has been selected by Romande Energie, one of the big power grid operators in Switzerland for a large-scale deployment over the coming years.

Power grids face new challenges from decentralized generation and e-mobility, that cannot be handled by a legacy grid. The traditional solution is grid reinforcement, which comes at a high cost. The latest development brings intelligent systems into the grid to balance generation and consumption in real-time while providing perfect visibility of the grid state. After four years of development and testing, DEPsys now provides its commercial smart grid solution. In September 2017, Romande Energie started deploying GridEye, making it the first Swiss grid operator deploying a smart grid at a large scale. This is an important signal to the market.

"GridEye is THE ideal solution that integrates the current regulatory framework while reducing operating costs due to digitalization and automation." Michael De Vivo, CEO of DEPsys.

"GridEye gives us a qualitative and predictive tool for our grid operations. Unlike other solutions, it provides a decentralized control without making use of a network model, which is a big advantage for us." Partick Bertschy, Grid Director at Romande Energie.

"GridEye helps to integrate renewable energies and provides visibility. It lets operators be more efficient and optimize their infrastructure investments." Joël Jaton, CTO of DEPsys.

"The Swiss energy strategy 2050 requires the grid to interact with decentralized generation, controllable loads and storage. GridEye is the answer to this request." Arnoud Bifrare, Smart Grid Technology Manager at Romande Energie.

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