meeco Continues Successful Clean Energy Path in 2017

04 Dec 2017

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy was the fastest growing source of new energy in 2016. Together with our international subsidiaries and joint ventures, meeco continues to support this trend towards a sustainable development in 2017 and beyond by developing and implementing intelligent and profitable clean energy solutions worldwide. Looking back at the last months, we are proud that we could enter new energy markets and continue to develop others by realising solar projects in, for example, Guyana and Zimbabwe, where we installed a 216 kWp off-grid sun2live energy generating system and complemented the same with a 330 kWp solar facility for a local company.

This year has also underlined the importance of a diligent planning and robust mounting of solar PV systems in hurricane-prone regions. When the devastating hurricane has hit the Caribbean, each of our 55 solar power installations on the island of Antigua have survived that natural disaster without damages due to our customised and tailor-made design. 

Our clean energy highlights in 2017:

Guyana on its way towards sustainability

The government of Guyana has issued a series of clean energy tenders to reach its target of a 100% renewable energy supply in the country. Together with our local joint venture company oursun Guyana, we have been awarded several of these projects. Whilst the installation of a sun2roof solar solution for the State House in Georgetown is already completed and the equipment of further 57 governmental buildings with solar rooftop systems will be completed before the end of 2017, we also got the opportunity to implement a 400 kWp off-grid sun2live solution together with a storage facility in the remote region of Mabaruma. The latest project confirmed is the supply, design and installation of sun2roof and sun2safe solar solutions for the buildings of the NAREI institute in Guyana.

Intelligent solar solutions for remote African tourist destinations   

A key property on the small island in the North of Antigua, called Jumby Bay Island, is now equipped with smartly interconnected solar solutions. The 51 kWp integrated renewable energy system combines the energy generation solution sun2live with the energy management and storage system sun2safe and the water treatment facility sun2water. This decentralised system enables the property owners to generate and store their own electricity and to treat and process their drinking water independently.

Clean energy experts: meeco participates in UN panel and CREF forum

Our clean energy experts participated in two interesting conferences dealing with the future of renewable energy sources. During the UN panel on the realisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Lalith Gunaratne, one of the directors of our joint venture oursun Canada Inc., spoke about the role of corporations in this process. Our Head of Project Development Eric Borremans participated in the “Renewables & Infrastructure: Clean Energy Investment Opportunity” panel at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum, where we furthermore received the award for the best utility scale solar project in the Caribbean together with our group company PV Energy Limited.

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