Fēnix Energy Shares "Green" Thermal Energy Expertise to Transform Iconic L.A. Times Building

30 Nov 2017

Canadian clean technology company, Fēnix Energy (Fēnix) has been awarded a consulting contract with a "prolific" Vancouver-based developer to share green energy expertise. The partnership focuses on master-planning thermal energy solutions for the iconic L.A. Times Building district by upgrading historic structures and incorporating clean technology systems for two new high-rise towers.

Spanning an entire city block in downtown Los Angeles, the initiative will prove the business case for creating a "green energy" asset; enabling the buildings to harvest, store, reuse and potentially trade the thermal energy created from the day-to-day activities of occupants and mechanical systems. 

"With cities on the frontline of the climate change struggle; we must look at our buildings and how to make them as sustainable as possible. We focus on their thermal energy and how to enhance and harness that heating and cooling input/output relationship," commented Edward Smith, Managing Director, Fēnix Energy. "We're working on a number of projects in Canada and this latest one in the USA is helping us reinforce the business case to real estate developers, utilities and municipalities that our cities have significant untapped environmental and economic potential. Harnessing thermal energy is not just a dream, it is a reality that creates an impressive win-win. With the right turnkey Design, Build, Own, Operate service approach, it can easily become a new reality for our growing urban centres." 

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