Leading Renewable Energy Companies to Become a Part of the Go Green Bandwagon - Infiniti

30 Nov 2017

Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market and competitive intelligence solutions provider, has launched their recent list blog on the top four renewable energy sources that are paving a green pathway for commercial sustainability.

The industrial and commercial players are moving toward renewable energy sources and are increasingly becoming a part of the “go green bandwagon.” This shift toward clean energy could be due to the cost-cutting, pressure from regulatory mandates, or the urge to be more socially responsible.

According to the renewable energy industry experts at Infiniti, “The increasing demand for renewable energy sources in the commercial sector is influencing companies to focus on implementing the latest and innovative sources of energy.”

View the complete list of the top four renewable energy sources from Infiniti

Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company, specializing in offering market insights, assessing market disruptions, analyzing competitive activity, and developing intelligent business strategies. Here are the top trends that will help in shaping the future of the solar energy industry.

Top Renewable Energy Sources

  • Bio-energy: A type of renewable energy derived from organic matter from living plants and animals.
  • Geothermal: Energy derived from the heat of the earth is known as geothermal energy. It uses heat from heating rocks or reservoirs to generate electricity.
  • Solar Energy: The renewable energy derived from sunlight is called a solar energy. Solar cells are used to convert sunlight into electricity.

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