Green-e Certification Standard for Singapore Released by Center for Resource Solutions

30 Nov 2017

The NGO Center for Resource Solutions ("CRS") announced the release of the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Singapore ("Standard for Singapore"), which details the requirements and standards for Green-e certification of renewable electricity sales and consumption in Singapore. The new standard defines eligible renewable resources, requirements for customer disclosure and transparency, and use of renewable energy tracking systems. With the release of this standard, large buyers and clean energy sellers in Singapore can apply for Green-e certification of their retail renewable electricity and energy attribute certificates ("EACs").

Green-e works with retail electricity sellers and consumers to increase consumer confidence, reduce purchasing risk, ensure environmental impact, and support purchasing goals toward RE100 and other initiatives. Green-e certification will help accelerate the development of renewable generation and renewable electricity markets in Singapore, and provides consumers with assurances that their renewable electricity purchases are a meaningful mechanism for expressing demand for cleaner electricity options.

“We are excited to help electricity consumers in Singapore support new, local renewable energy,” said Jennifer Martin, executive director of Center for Resource Solutions. “Green-e has played a leading role in helping grow the renewable energy market in North America for the last 20 years, and we believe that demand from consumers and businesses is integral in helping Singapore meet its clean energy goals.”

As more electricity consumers are able to choose their power, Green-e certification will give electricity retailers, businesses, and consumers a way to distinguish their activity and demonstrate their commitment to impactful renewable electricity and EAC purchasing. Green-e can certify corporate purchases, including power purchase agreements, renewable electricity tariffs marketed by an electricity retailer, and EAC-only sales.

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