Precision Combustion, Inc.’s (PCI) Energy-Saving Lighting Upgrade

22 Nov 2017

PCI announced that it has upgraded the lighting in its 38,000 square foot office and industrial plant building. The upgrade to LED lighting will save roughly 80,000 kilowatt-hours per year, equivalent to the electricity used by 7 average houses while reducing PCI’s carbon footprint by about 100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

Precision Combustion’s building has been upgraded multiple times for energy efficiency. This is the third lighting upgrade since 2000, which adopted what was then state of the art standard fluorescent lighting. In June of 2007 PCI again upgraded from standard efficiency fluorescent tubes to high efficiency in the office area, saving about 20% of office lighting costs. These new and innovative technologies show not only environmental benefits, but significant financial benefits as well.

In this 2017 upgrade, RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Certified GE Integrated Refit LED Tubes were installed which provide the same light using cleaner and more efficient technology. For example, previous office fixtures used 6 tubes which consumed 25 Watts each; these were replaced by 4 LED tubes providing the same lumens which only consume 10-12 Watts each, plus the light quality was tailored to the needs of each workspace. The work was completed by Artis Energy Solutions, an Approved Energy Partner with Eversource & United Illuminating, based in Middletown, CT.

Kevin Burns, President of PCI, stated, “Our company is developing a range of clean energy technologies and products for America, designed for fuel cells, generators, clean burners, and air cleaning systems. So it’s appropriate that we also stay on the leading edge of new energy-saving technologies for running our business. We want to thank the State of Connecticut and the Energy CT-UI LED Lighting Program, which helped fund this improvement.”

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