Single axis tracker package

14 Nov 2017

SunLink’s TechTrack Distributed single axis tracker is a technologically advanced tracker with intelligent operating modes which optimize performance for ever-changing environmental conditions including wind, snow and flood. Its proprietary Dynamic Stabilization feature efficiently redistributes loads, allowing the tracker system to handle extreme wind with less steel, fewer foundations, and lower cost. The Virtual Pivot creates 120° accurate tracking to maximize generation potential while eliminating dead space and enabling superior terrain following. ETL certification to UL 2703 and UL 3703 standards. TechTrack Distributed will now be sold in two product packages: Standard Package which includes engineering and project management support to ensure success on every size project, as well as commissioning support with tracker status reports from VERTEX. The Pro Package provides additional topographic grade following foundation analysis to minimize steel overages and ensure install tolerances and a certified commissioning team for faster interconnection and ongoing access to actionable system performance data via VERTEX.


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Volume: 2017 November/December