Light towers for a bright, safe, and productive site

14 Nov 2017

Atlas Copco has expanded its range of HiLight towers to seven models, including four advanced LED solutions. The comprehensive HiLight range gives users a variety of choices when it comes to sourcing safe and efficient light towers for multiple applications and industries, including construction, outdoor events, and industrial applications. The HiLight range includes the H5+, B5+, V5+ and E3+ LED light towers, plus the V4, H4 and E2 metal halide variants. Atlas Copco’s latest LED light towers feature a unique, fully directional optic lens that maximizes practical light coverage while minimizing dark spots. A single HiLight LED light tower, depending on the model, can illuminate large areas with an average brightness of 20 lux. They also can run as long as 260 hours before needing to be refueled and consume less than 0.25 gallons of fuel per hour. Atlas Copco achieved this operational savings by designing the LED HiLight towers with dedicated power packs that optimize power output. The power packs also minimize the risk of under-loading the engine, which enhances efficiency and improves power pack longevity. The LED lamps are designed for portability and performance with heavy-duty floodlights that offer high ingress protection (IP) and impact protection (IK) ratings. The LED lamps also offer extreme durability without deterioration in lux level while providing instant light. The HiLights’ LED bulbs withstand rugged construction sites, minimizing the need for replacements. The bulbs also require minimal fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions by 70% on each model.


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Volume: 2017 November/December