Lower Radon Levels and Raise Healthy Indoor Air Quality

13 Nov 2017

Building Performance Equipment, Inc.® welcomes the newest addition to its family of multi-patented Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)--and it's a rather special little guy. Built for the HVAC layman's ease of use in smaller homes and offices, the BPE-XE-MIR-200-i becomes a simple, accessible solution for minimizing deadly radon gas levels by providing fresh make-up air to a small office (up to 10 people) or the home of a family of up to six. Radon is responsible for over 22,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States alone. The EPA recommends that radon-reduction actions be taken when a building's radon test levels come out at 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter--a unit for measuring radioactive concentrations) or higher. The World Health Organization (WHO) goes lower, recommending action at 2.7 pCi/L. While periodic monitoring is always important, you can put a BPE ERV on the case and bring a radon level of 6 pCi/L down to below 1 pCi/L. A BPE ERV can become a life saver—quite literally. The 200-i puts this promise of cleaner air in the hands of more home and small business owners.

The 200-i differs from its bigger brothers by way of two built-in ECM fans. The lightweight unit (65 lbs.) is a snap to install. Connect it to new or existing ductwork, then plug it into a 120 VAC outlet via a power cord and three-prong plug. Like the rest of BPE's ERV line, the 200-i fulfills a need in the HVAC industry for ultra energy efficiency by way of counter-flow heat exchanger design. Ultra—as in 80% to 98% thermal efficiency with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 60 to 160 as the units recover energy from stale air leaving the space for use in heating or cooling the fresh air on its way into the space. (Most ERVs in the industry typically come in at 45% to 65% thermal efficiency, rarely surpassing an EER of 10.) BPE's signature efficiency levels reduce energy bills and man's impact on the environment. All BPE ERVs are LEED approved and ideal for Passive House design as well as conventional.

Additional advantages of BPE ERVS:

  • They meet or exceed ASHRAE standards 55-2004: Human Comfort; 
    62.1-2004: Ventilation for IAQ; and 901.1-2004: Energy Efficient Buildings.

  • There is less than 1% contamination between air streams.

  • Units are made from medical grade polypropylene which is rugged, resistant to many chemicals, bases, acids and prevents the growth of mold or formation of frost.

  • The life expectancy of a unit is at least 20 years.

  • Their installation qualifies for multiple LEED points, as well as significant state and federal incentives.

  • They come with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.

For more information on the new BPE-MIR-XE-200-i ERV and other BPE ERVs, please contact BPE at 201.722.1414.