Environmental Leader Other World Computing Announces Next Phase of Clean Energy Plan

09 Nov 2017

WHAT: OWC's commitment to producing clean energy for its operations is entering a new phase as part of its path to secure a sustainable future. The company has been a leader in energy efficiency and other “green” measures since 2003, and as of October 2017 OWC’s four campuses produce 5% more power than they consume. The company also recycles 94% of its solid waste materials. OWC installed a commercial-grade wind turbine at its Illinois headquarters in 2009, and received LEED® Platinum Certification by the Green Building Certification Institute in 2010. OWC is now exploring adding battery storage at its facilities, in order to make its energy generation from solar and wind even more efficient.

WHAT’S NEW/OTHER FACTS: A battery storage system is being explored; it would allow OWC to store some of the excess energy being produced, for use at its facilities when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. This could potentially reduce the company’s utility-sourced energy cost to zero.

*Today, the solar array at OWC’s campus in Austin, Texas, produces 33% of the company’s energy for the site.

*The value of the total energy OWC produced the past 3 years would be approximately $205,944 if the company sold it as a utility.

*The value of power from OWC’s own generation going directly into our facility is approximately $88,298, and power sold to the utility is approximately $47,059.

*The company’s onsite solar and wind at the Woodstock, Ill., headquarters generates more power than the facility consumes. Combined with the onsite solar generation at the Austin, Texas, campus, OWC nets out more power generation than its three largest operating locations consume. 

*OWC’s has succeeded in eliminating more than 3,000 tons of CO2 from its carbon footprint.

*OWC ends up paying for about 25% of what it uses because the turbine runs higher at night (wind speeds are higher), so much of that power that is generated ends up being pushed out onto the grid, since the building is mostly shut down overnight. OWC estimates it has produced more than 2 million KW/hours of power.

*The company has efficient lighting installed, with zoned lighting that detects movement/occupants and turns on/off as needed. Its parking lots are lit with energy-saving LEDs.  

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