AWEA Response to Rep. Blumenauer Wind Energy PTC

09 Nov 2017

Please see the following American Wind Energy Association response to the House Ways and Means committee Republicans voting down Rep. Blumenauer’s amendment to honor the terms of the 2015 PTC phase out:

“This morning’s vote in House Ways and Means creates uncertainty for all industries and is a particular disappointment to the 100,000 American men and women who work in wind energy,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). “Rep. Blumenauer, and off-committee members led by Rep. David Young, offered a pro-business solution. It is unsettling that the House Ways & Means Republicans would break their commitment to the wind industry and American workers, killing 60,000 jobs, putting $50 billion in jeopardy – hurting one industry and creating uncertainty for all.”