Fall Technical Workshop: Participants Praise an Innovative Event

02 Nov 2017

A packed venue and over 80 participants were on hand for the TechnoCentre éolien's first edition of its Fall Technical Workshop, which took place on November 1. In the course of this brand new event, held at Montréal's Centre for Sustainable Development under the theme Integration of Renewables in Stand-alone Microgrids, a number of experts from diverse backgrounds successively took the floor to share the latest advances and take stock of this hot topic in the field of energy. 

According to participant feedback, the organization of this Workshop and the quality of its program was fitting both in terms of the conjuncture in which this rapidly evolving industry finds itself and the real needs of its various stakeholders. At a time when Quebec and Canada are seeking to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases and in a broader context of the energy transition, renewable energy integration is quickly becoming an unavoidable topic of conversation. 

"We rose to the challenge of bringing together experts and stakeholders around an emerging issue with regard to the energy transition. We offered them a tremendous opportunity to take stock, exchange ideas and network. At the end of the day, participants – whether they were researchers, equipment manufacturers or developers – were unanimous in affirming that we offered them content that was of exceptional quality, dense, diversified and relevant," points out Frédéric Côté, General Manager of the TechnoCentre éolien. 

The views expressed throughout the day are testimony to a common vision and broad consistency in the concerns of industry players. Indeed, certain topics were on everybody's lips. These notably include Quebec expertise, the rapid evolution of technologies for renewable energy integration (whether wind, solar PV or biomass), the need to develop the market and the importance of completing projects in situ. 

According to Frédéric Côté, if one had to summarize in a single word the underlying message behind the presentations, workshops and conversations, it is the word "communities" that stands out. "In light of the feedback and interventions, it is undeniable that the real energy transition will occur in the communities, and in this regard, not only must the latter be involved in the process, they must also be the initiators." 

The question of exporting Quebec technologies and know-how in integrating renewables also garnered attention. In a context in which a number of countries have ratified the Paris Agreement, numerous projects are bound to be completed throughout the world. "Quebec's expertise is exportable and will certainly find its niche in these new markets that are emerging and will continue to emerge," explains Frédéric Côté. 

As a leading figure in research and innovation that serves to support the energy transition, the TechnoCentre éolien would like to thank the event's partners, namely the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

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