NYSERDA and NYPA Announce Expansion of Triad Recycling & Energy Corp. in Erie County

02 Nov 2017

Triad Recycling & Energy Corp., a recycling and waste management firm in Western New York, has completed construction of a new wind turbine to produce on-site energy as part of a $1 million expansion project that supports 15 jobs. The expansion was undertaken with the aid of state funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA).

The Triad Recycling processing plant, located in Tonawanda, received nearly $167,000 from NYSERDA as part of its Small Wind Turbine program, which is intended to increase the amount of clean, renewable energy from wind generated in New York State. The firm also received a $150,000 funding award in May from NYPA’s Western New York Power Proceeds program. The program utilizes net earnings from the sale of unused hydropower from NYPA’s Niagara power plant to spur the local economy and stems from legislation signed into law by Governor Cuomo in 2012.

Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA said, “This project builds on Triad’s commitment to protecting the environment by enabling its recycling firm to operate with clean energy. The wind turbines not only support Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading clean energy goals, but demonstrate how businesses can help to make their communities cleaner and healthier.” 

“The Power Authority is proud to support Triad Recycling’s expansion in Western New York,” said John Koelmel, Chairman of NYPA’s Board of Trustees and long-time Buffalo business leader. “Their investment in a new wind turbine, coupled with the commitment to job expansion, is a win-win for both the environment and our region.”

“This expansion, which includes the installation of a clean energy wind turbine, is precisely the kind of project that we had in mind while developing the Western New York Power Proceeds program several years ago,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA President and CEO. “It’s a win-win situation, creating jobs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The new 100-kilowatt wind turbine is in addition to an existing, identical wind turbine that was installed by the firm earlier this year. The on-site renewable generation will significantly offset the firm’s electric costs.

In addition to the wind turbine, Triad also renovated a vacant building and expanded its operations to undertake the processing of scrap plastics and wood on location. Triad was also able to add new equipment and energy efficient lighting to its buildings.

The upgrades undertaken by Triad align with the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy to build a statewide energy system that is clean, resilient and affordable for all New Yorkers.

“This expansion will provide us with a significant boost to our operations, allowing us to hire three additional employees,” said John Hannon, President of Triad Recycling. “I want to extend my thanks to Governor Cuomo, the New York Power Authority and NYSERDA for supporting this initiative.”

Triad collects, sorts, processes, and sells 26 different items, transforming them from waste destined for a landfill. Materials include construction debris such as wood, drywall, asphalt shingles, green rubber, metal, cardboard, glass, siding and plastic. Triad also provided the first mattress recycling service in New York State to businesses and institutions with large quantities of end-of-life mattresses, such as hotels, retailers, universities, hospitals, nursing homes and municipalities.

To be eligible for NYPA’s power proceeds funding, enterprises must be located within a 30-mile radius of NYPA’s Niagara power plant and the projects must support the growth of business and lead to the creation or protection of jobs. Contracts include provisions for periodic audits to ensure the funds are used for agreed-upon purposes.

There have been 42 awards totaling more than $35 million in funding since 2013. Through the end of August, NYPA has provided more than $41 million to the proceeds fund.

The Erie County Industrial Development Authority also supported Triad’s expansion project with $46,000 in future property tax savings, $97,000 in sales tax savings on the purchase of construction or other equipment, and approximately $6,300 in savings on the mortgage-recording fee for this new expansion.

“The ECIDA is committed to Erie County’s sustainable economic growth, and Triad Recycling is an exemplary green business model of the future economy. Their investment in Erie County is important not only to the economic health of our region, but also helps fulfill our responsibility to create more energy-efficient commerce wherever we can. The ECIDA’s efforts at the Bethlehem Steel site with our proposed Net Zero light manufacturing building and partnering with Triad to help incentivize their expansion are key components in improving our region’s sustainable economic profile,” said Steve Weathers, President and CEO of the Erie County Industrial Development Agency.

“I applaud Triad’s innovative expansion, job creation and investment in Western New York,” said State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD). “Using the proceeds from the sale of clean energy to invest in the creation of a renewable energy source is a model that will allow Triad to continue to grow and prosper in our community for many years to come.”

“Triad Recycling is one of the original members of the WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable, and has joined with a growing list of other local employers committed to building a cleaner Erie County for the future,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “I congratulate them on the completion of this new clean energy project and for being at the forefront of the new, sustainable business community in WNY.”

"Tonawanda has experienced unprecedented economic development recently and Triad represents the growing industrial base we need to provide good jobs for our local community,” said Joseph Emminger, Tonawanda town supervisor. “We are thrilled that Triad will be part of that business boom, and with the help of NYPA and NYSERDA, they will be adding new jobs and a new wind turbine at their facility here.”

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