Sparkfund Launches Technology Subscription for Energy Systems Across Building Portfolios

11 Oct 2017

Sparkfund, a leader in energy efficiency-as-a-service solutions, has launched the Sparkfund Technology Subscription™, the company's new procurement strategy and contract. The technology subscription is an easier easy way for commercial building owners and tenants to implement state-of-the-art energy technologies through one monthly operating cost and at no risk.

The Sparkfund Technology Subscription™ enables commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and institutional energy customers to rapidly deploy the most advanced energy-saving systems for lighting, HVAC, building controls, EV charging, energy storage, and other technologies, through a single monthly payment that covers installation, repairs, monitoring, and servicing.

What sets this model apart from traditional technology upgrades using leases, loans, or shared savings agreements is the 3-page service contract that specifies function as opposed to a complex savings calculation, and the ability to roll out a portfolio-wide solution. Customers benefit from a more efficient use of capital and human resources -- they can maintain focus on core business activities without impacting cash or balance sheet, or diverting time and attention to install new building systems.

"Building on our initial as-a-service model traction with partners and customers, we're pleased to roll out the Sparkfund Technology Subscription™," said Angela Ferrante, Sparkfund's Chief Marketing Officer. "We're overhauling the user experience of implementing new energy systems. The business and environmental benefits of advanced energy systems are clear. Sparkfund is making it easy for property owners to roll out new technology across an entire portfolio."

In less than three years, Sparkfund has completed 160 energy projects in 41 U.S. states, helping a range of customers from medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 companies save over $3 million in annual energy costs. These projects will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10 million tons over the equipment lifetime. A selection of customer stories can be found here.

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