Energy Storage Canada Applauds Ontario Minister of Energy's Announcement on Energy Storage

27 Sep 2017

Energy Storage Canada (ESC) applauded the announcement made by Glenn Thibeault, Ontario Minister of Energy, that the Ontariogovernment would "amend regulations to better value energy storage and allow it to compete on a level playing field with other technologies in our supply mix."

"We are very encouraged by the government's announcement to remove the uplift and global adjustment charges," said Patricia Phillips, Executive Director of Energy Storage Canada. "We look forward to seeing how this positive news is conveyed in the upcoming Long-term Energy Plan."  She also pointed out that it was important that in his remarks the Minister recognized the unique ability of storage to provide multiple services to Ontario's energy system.

"Energy storage has the potential to optimize existing energy resources and generate greater ratepayer value," said Phillips. "It also provides flexibility and resilience for the transmission, distribution and customer sectors."

Ontario is a recognized leader in North America for energy storage with its procurement of 50MW energy storage. Ontario is building on its leadership by announcing these key moves to level the playing field for storage.

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