Pneumatic module metal built to perform through 10,000 mating cycles

19 Sep 2017

With robust metal contacts that can be plugged and unplugged at least 10,000 times, the new Han Pneumatic Module Metal from HARTING presents another significant cost- and space-saving opportunity to use connectors to streamline flexible production processes with high mating cycles. The Han Pneumatic Module Metal can withstand pressure up to 10 bars, covering the entire low pressure range. This compares with an upper limit of 8 bars for the existing Han Pneumatic Module with plastic contacts. With pneumatic modules, users can route compressed air feed through the same connector along with power and signal lines rather than having to set up and maintain a separate compressed air connection for drive units, control units, brakes, holding and unloading units, and much more. The Pneumatic Module Metal is available in variants with two (for hose ∅ = 6mm) or three plug slots (for hoses with ∅ = 1.6 to 4mm). The female contacts are available with or without a shut-off function –a spring-loaded valve that closes over an O-ring when the connector is opened, preventing compressed air from escaping. The Han Pneumatic Module Metal be employed in a wide range of HARTING connector series that take Han-Modular inserts, including Han-Yellock and Han-Eco.


HARTING, Inc. of North America |



Volume: 2017 September/October