Free-standing PV inverter for commercial installations

19 Sep 2017

SMA America announced the Sunny Tripower CORE1, the free-standing PV inverter for commercial installations, has achieved UL listing and is available for purchase. The CORE1 was also recently awarded the prestigious Intersolar 2017 Award in photovoltaics. This solution is designed to provide up to 60% faster installation for commercial rooftop, carport, and ground-mount PV systems. The CORE1 is a fully integrated solution designed specifically to speed installation and achieve higher return-on-investment. Without the need for additional racking, components, or other equipment, installers will save a great deal of time and see reduced balance-of-system costs. The CORE1 features integrated AC and DC disconnects, direct string inputs, and six MPP channels using SMA’s OptiTrac Global Peak technology. It also includes complete grid management capabilities. With 50kW of power, the CORE1 is scalable and suitable for a variety of commercial installations and system designs up to the megawatt range. Field serviceability also results in significant savings. Where most commercial inverters must go back to the manufacturer for repair in the event of a fault, the CORE1 contains components that can be replaced in the field, resulting in hours of downtime instead of days, and ultimately leading to extensive OPEX savings.


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