Small, lightweight devices for self-evacuation

19 Sep 2017

SKYLOTEC has introduced small, lightweight rescue devices with a centrifugal brake, which can be worn on the body along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls and are ready to use in an emergency. After all, in some situations it can be essential for workers to be able to rescue themselves without any help, for example in the event of a fire in the hub of a wind turbine. The “Deus 3700” has a fire-resistant rope and can therefore be used even in extreme situations. It works up to a height of 591ft (180m) and the maximum load is 309lbs (140kg). Carrier systems for transporting injured persons round off the portfolio for this sector. Solutions such as a roll-up carrier system called the “ultraRoll stretcher” are particularly suitable for rescuing people from areas that are difficult to access. They protect the accident victim from further injury and also offer additional benefits, with a low weight and small pack size making them easy to transport. The stretcher can be quickly assembled on site in just a few steps.




Volume: 2017 September/October