Scalable outdoor power conditioning and energy storage system

19 Sep 2017

Delta Group has released its scalable outdoor Power Conditioning System (PCS) and new scalable Energy Storage System (ESS) allowing up to 500kW and eight hour energy storage capability. The company’s portfolio of renewable energy power conversion and energy storage technologies are intended for commercial, industrial, and utility scale applications. The flexible Delta ESS Cabinet incorporates and allows dual sourced lithium-ion battery modules for supply chain risk abatement, a Battery Management System (BMS), and an integrated thermal management HVAC system for outdoor rated applications. The scalable ESS supports two, four, and eight hour energy storage when coupled with Delta’s scalable 125kW – 500kW power conditioning system. The ESS paralleled cabinets have a scalable capacity up to 1.32MWh. The ESS enclosure is IP55 rated for dust and water protection. The ESS Cabinet satisfies a multitude of field capacity requirements and allows deployments in demanding environments. Through high energy density and an extended lifecycle, the ESS Cabinet supports commercial buildings and behind the meter applications to optimize energy usage and lower operational costs through demand charge management (peak shaving, time-of-use optimization via load shifting, power backup, renewables self-consumption optimization, and ancillary power services).

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Volume: 2017 September/October