Design your own solar system

01 Sep 2017

The new PRE Design Tool from SunWize has many capabilities which allow users to design and quote appropriate off-grid solar systems easily, reliably, and quickly. Featuring a complete NREL site database with State/City lookup, an advanced load calculator for up to three discreet devices, coupled with direct input options, this design tool brings solar design capabilities to the fingertips of their customers. The Power Ready Express (PRE) Systems are always designed to IEEE 1562, and the system enclosures are NEMA3R rated for indoor or outdoor use. SunWize PRE Systems are complete off-grid solar battery kits containing everything needed to run a stand-alone DC load using solar energy. SunWize Power Ready Express kits feature a pre-wired and fully pre-assembled control panel, requiring only simple array and battery connection terminations during installation. 

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