meeco Supports Governments to Go Green

10 Aug 2017

Governments worldwide are increasingly looking for eco-friendly energy solutions to address the challenges of climate change. To ensure a sustainable and long-term success for every region, renewable energy strategies always have to be adapted to the specific local requirements and conditions. In order to support governments in meeting their green energy targets, meeco designs and implements customised clean energy generation and storage solutions to be installed on government-owned buildings or even at airports. Currently, we are realising various solar projects for the government of the South American Republic of Guyana to switch the local energy supply step by step towards the utilisation of clean energy sources.

Step 1

Solar rooftop installation for Guyana’s State House

As part of its general approach to expand the utilisation of renewable energy, the Government of Guyana has issued several tenders for the supply and installation of solar energy solutions. We got the opportunity to be awarded and realise accordingly one of the first projects of this program.

Step 2
Equipment of government buildings with sun2roof solar solution

Beyond the State House project, 57 roofs of government-owned buildings in Guyana will be equipped with our sun2roof solar solution. Together with our local joint venture oursun Guyana meeco will realise the installation of in total 740 kWp of clean energy systems on the roofs of schools, administration buildings, health centres and other public buildings. 

Step 3
Planned utility-scale installations

As a further step towards a sustainable energy future, Guyana’s airport in Georgetown shall be equipped with a solar power plant. We have participated in this tender to be able to further contribute to a clean energy supply in the South American Republic.

Caribbean clean energy pioneers

See how we have realised similar steps on the path towards a clean energy future together with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. 

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