SolarEdge Inverters Report Ready for Rule 21

08 Aug 2017

SolarEdge single and three phase inverters have been tested and certified to comply with UL 1741 SA as outlined in CPUC Rule 21. US inverters from SolarEdge can now be purchased with certification as smart inverters to meet Rule 21 requirements for installations starting in September 2017. 

Click HERE to download the latest list.

By meeting these advanced inverter requirements, SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverters enable utilities to integrate increased levels of PV generation. SolarEdge inverters will be labeled for compliance as “Grid Support Utility Interactive Inverter” and will provide smart inverter features to PV system owners and utilities.

The UL 1741 SA certification ensures that inverters stay online and adapt their output to stabilize the grid during abnormal operation instead of disconnecting. This functionality allows improved grid resiliency and increased PV integration. Certified smart inverters offer anti-islanding protection, grid support functions, low and high voltage and frequency ride through, voltage variation mode, power factor control, power ramp-up during startup and normal operation, remote powering and curtailment, and frequency-watt and voltage-watt control.

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