Cleantech Solutions International Enters Agreement with ECoin Global Limited to Resell ECrent Gift Cards

07 Aug 2017

Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. ("Cleantech Solutions" or "the Company") (NASDAQ:  CLNT) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, EC Power (Global), has signed an agreement with ECoin Global Limited ("ECoin") for the purchase of ECoin redemption codes with an aggregate value of $50 million for total consideration of $20 million. The Company plans to resell the redemption codes in the form of ECrent gift cards at global locals through reseller channels, such as convenience stores. The Company's subsidiary has entered into agreement with InComm, a global pre-payment network and solution provider and will start selling the redemption codes with face values of HK$100, HK$300 and HK$500 at major convenience store networks in Hong Kong and Macau beginning in August 2017. Other international locations will follow.

Pursuant to the agreement, in exchange for redemption codes with an aggregate value of $50 million, the Company will pay ECoin total consideration of $20 million in four annual installments in an amount equal to 50% of the net sale proceeds of the redemption codes sold during each calendar year. The value of any unsold redemption codes at the expiration of the agreement will be paid to ECoin using shares of the Company's stock and not more than 19% of issued and outstanding ordinary shares of the Company. 

"ECoin is now being fully utilized by ECrent, the world's largest online sharing platform, offering a safe and convenient prepaid payment option for consumers who want to participate in the worldwide sharing economy," said Parkson Yip, COO of Cleantech Solutions. "We are excited to partner with InComm to begin offering ECrent gift cards in major convenience stores in Hong Kong and Macau and plan to utilize ECoin in the other regions, as well as other sharing businesses and platforms we are currently developing, including our global sharing bike network."

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