Kualo Switches to 100% Renewable Energy, Certified by Green-e Marketplace

17 Jul 2017

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced that web hosting company, Kualo, has purchased enough Green-e Energy certified clean energy to power 100% of its U.S.-based operations, including data centers. The purchase from Native Energy is sourced from renewable energy certificates from wind farms throughout the U.S.

"The data centers that power our digital lives are extremely energy intensive," said Jennifer Martin, executive director of Center for Resource Solutions, the NGO that administers the Green-e renewable energy certification program. "By switching to 100% Green-e certified clean energy for its operations, Kualo is reducing the environmental impact of its corner of the Web, and serving as an example to other web hosts around the world."

By powering its operations with renewable energy, Kualo is taking real action to reduce the impact of its energy use. Electricity generated from renewable sources results in less environmental waste and pollution and displaces other non-renewable sources from the electric grid. The company's purchase of electricity created from nearly emissions-free renewable sources avoids carbon dioxide and other pollutants and serves to build the market for renewable energy nationwide, increasing incentives for developing new facilities. In 2016, renewable energy accounted for about ten percent of total electricity generation nationwide.

"For many years we've been on a mission to minimize our impact on the environment", said Jo Stonehouse, Kualo's Managing Director. "We've promoted efficiency measures that reduce our power usage, waste and travel requirements, and our U.K. operations have been powered by renewable energy since 2011. Our Green-e certification now aligns our U.S. operations with this same commitment to the environment. We're proud to be the only hosting company that is Green-e certified, but we certainly hope that other companies in our industry also commit to using 100% certified clean energy in the very near future."

Renewable energy purchased by Kualo through Native Energy is certified by Green-e Energy, the leading renewable energy certification program in the nation. Green-e Energy provides independent, third-party certification to ensure renewable energy products meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards, including being sourced from verified, new facilities; not being double-counted towards any state's renewable energy goal; and being retired on behalf of the purchaser. Every Green-e Marketplace participant undergoes annual verification and audits to document that it has purchased enough certified renewable energy to meet its annual commitment.

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