Pair of Wind Turbines are Ready to Roll in Rochester, NY

17 Jul 2017

After causing some debate in Irondequoit last year, a pair of wind turbines are now ready to roll at I-Square.

Now that they're up, 13 WHAM talked to people Sunday who hope the turbines will encourage people to be more environmentally conscious.

Love them or hate them, the turbines are a big change you can't help but notice at the shopping and community area at the corner of Titus Avenue and Cooper Road.

Standing at 105 feet high, the steel structures tower over other buildings, and that's getting lots of people to talk about the environment.

“When I saw it, it just pops. It's cool,” said Emily Condello, who works nearby.

They'll give power to the all-green Imaginarium, set to be built in the spot next to I-Square's main building where students can take field trips to learn more about sustainable and renewable energy.

“It's trend setting that you could and should have a blueprint for being more energy conscious, having a smaller carbon footprint,” Richard Fairbrother of Irondequiot said.

“When people see those, they could look at it and wonder what's happening and maybe they'll work on something for their generation,” Condello added.

The initial proposal to build the turbines sparked some debate. Some folks say it's an eyesore.

But I-Square owner Mike Nolan hopes the towers will be a reminder of the importance of taking care of the environment.

“Regardless where you stand on climate change and all the other things,” Nolan said, “there is a finite supply of oil and gas in the earth. It's going to run out.”

“It does get the conversation going about what you could be doing in the community, what the private sector could be doing, what the public sector could be doing, and what we could be doing in our homes,” Fairbrother said.

The total cost for the project is $18 million. So far, the owner says total cost runs at about $9 million.

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