Solar Farm Developer Advances 13GW Pipeline, Hiring More PPA Attorneys and Engineers

17 Jul 2017

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is once again expanding and on the move while advancing the company's current 13GW Pipeline of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects for 2017/2018. ISS is currently in the process of finding and hiring two (2) additional In House PPA Attorneys with vast experience in getting and negotiating both PURPA and Corporate Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's). ISS currently has an entire PPA division within the company, already has two Attorneys on Staff and through the company's latest expansion will now be hiring two additional experienced PPA Contract Attorneys to more quickly advance the company's existing 13GW pipeline of projects. ISS offers all of its key executive role positions unheard of profit share, long term residuals and bonus structure plans whereby key individuals can quickly gain unmatched financial security with the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US.

Innovative Solar Systems is also hiring additional Interconnection Engineers within the company as the company is now developing over 10GW's of large scale projects per year and filing 20MW to 80MW size projects in over 30 states and solar industry markets. Once again, for the experienced and proficient electrical engineers that understand the interconnection process with Utility Companies nationwide, ISS would be the last stop for that engineer on their journey to financial security and freedom. Privately held companies like ISS are unique in that the employee is rewarded for their performance and the overall growth and profitability of the company, few if any large solar companies can or will give their employees large salary, large incentives, large bonus and huge long term profit share plans like ISS. 

ISS also has a unique residual project revenue profit share structure whereby employees are able to receive long term revenue streams from projects the company develops and builds while in their employ; these revenue streams last up to 40-50 years to given employees on projects they had involvement with. If you are an experienced PPA Attorney or an Experienced Interconnection Engineer then contact ISS today to set up an interview, we need a few good people to continue our expansion.

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