SEPA, AEEI and RMI Expand Popular Distributed Energy Resources 101 Blog

14 Jul 2017

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) partnered with the Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEEI) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to published the Recommended Reading for a Modern Grid, a free, downloadable report as part of SEPA’s Beyond the Meter series.

Earlier this year, SEPA partnered with AEEI and RMI to publish an online resource guide on distributed energy resources (DERs). “Distributed Energy Resources 101” was intended to be a broadly accessible compendium of key articles and other materials that regulators, policy makers, journalists, researchers and general readers could use to build a common foundation of knowledge and understanding about the energy transition currently underway in the United States. The resource has been overwhelmingly popular.

Recognizing that desire for a simple guide to get newcomers to the field started, the three organizations have once again joined forces to release this expanded and updated edition of the original.

The Recommended Reading Guide for a Modern Grid retains and amplifies its key understandings:

  • DERs can provide positive value to the grid and utility customers.
  • Integration of DERs requires new planning paradigms.
  • Solutions for the challenges ahead will be rooted in information sharing and collaborative partnerships

Download Beyond the Meter: Recommended Reading for a Modern Grid here.

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